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Liposuction Birmingham

Liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove unwanted fat deposits, usually located in the hips, thighs, tummy and underside of the arms.
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Liposuction surgery in Birmingham

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Liposuction surgery at our Birmingham clinic can target various areas of the body where stubborn fat accumulates, including the abdomen, thighs, hips, and arms. This cosmetic procedure can also be integrated into other surgical procedures like Tummy Tucks or Breast Reduction for optimal results.

During the liposuction procedure at our Birmingham clinic, the surgeon will create a small incision in the targeted area and introduce a thin plastic tube known as a cannula. One end of the cannula will be connected to a vacuum machine that effectively and efficiently extracts the unwanted fat.

We offer multiple different types of liposuction at our clinic including vaser liposuction, SAFELipo and non-surgical fat freezing. Your suitability for each procedure will depend on your personal desires and body shape.

Who is suitable for liposuction?

Liposuction is suitable for most people looking for a cosmetic solution to tone and sculpt their body. But before carrying out the procedure, we’ll always sit down with you and discuss how suitable it is.

Lipo is very effective for removing persistent areas of fat that you can’t get rid of through dieting or exercise. Many people find that it’s easy to lose weight from the face or upper body, but it might seem impossible to shed those extra pounds from the waist or bottom. This is where liposuction surgery can help. It’s a fast, low-pain solution that could be just what you’re looking for.

It’s worth remembering though that it’s not a quick-fix when it comes to weight loss and will only work long-term if you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle. That’s why before offering you any lipo treatment, our surgeons will look at your body shape and make sure it’s right for you.

Which areas of my body can be treated?

Liposuction can be used to remove fat almost anywhere. The most common areas for treatment include:

  • Chin and neck
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Tummy
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Knees and ankles
  • Buttocks and hips

Liposuction procedure

Procedure Time

1 - 2 hours


Local or Twilight

Nights in Hospital


Pain and Discomfort

3 - 7 days

Risks - Common

Bruising, swelling, temporary numbness, temporary skin irregularity

Risks - Uncommon

Infection, bad scarring, asymmetry, bleeding, permanent numbness, nerve damage, fat necrosis, skin dimpling or contour irregularity

Follow-up Appointments

1 week, 3 months (after surgery)

Time Off Work

1 - 2 weeks

Sports and Exercise

2 weeks - walking, 4 weeks - everything


12 weeks until final result scars continue to improve over 18 months

Kat & Co's Approach to Liposuction - SAFELipo

SAFELipo is a revolutionary approach to liposuction which allows aggressive liposuction whilst reducing the trauma to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels. This has the combined benefit of improving the safety of the procedure, reducing the risk of complications, and creating a more natural and even contour.

It is particularly effective for circumferential/360degree liposuction of the neck,  arms, trunk, thighs and calves.

The SAFELipo procedure is split into a 3-step process:

  1. Separation – The fat cells are separated from the surrounding tissue using a power assisted vibratory tool (PAL) and specialised cannulas. No suction is used at this stage, reducing the trauma to the surrounding tissue and blood vessels. Tumescent fluid is injected first to numb the area and reduce recovery time.
  2. Aspiration – Suction is used to remove the fat through thin cannulas. The previous separation stage means that the fat is free from the surrounding tissue and can be more easily removed. This also reduces the suction effect on the surrounding tissue which can cause contour irregularity and reduces the associated bruising, swelling, scarring and further complications.
  3. Fat equalisation – Following the aspiration stage, a small amount of subcutaneous fat will be left over. Fat equalisation cannulas spread out this fat to create a smooth, thin layer. This reduces contour irregularities, such as bumps and grooves, and creates an even, natural appearance.

What is vaser liposuction?

VASER liposuction is a quicker, less invasive and more precise method of liposuction. Using the latest technology, VASER lipo harnesses the power of ultrasound to exclusively target fat cells. This means a shorter, gentler procedure, better results, and faster recovery times.

  • Faster recovery times - you will normally be able to return to work between 2 and 3 days after surgery.
  • Selective fat targeting - ultrasound technology only breaks down fat cells, avoiding nearby nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue.
  • Cellulite removal - vaser liposuction can also remove areas of cellulite, unlike traditional liposuction.
More About Vaser Liposuction

Liposuction before and afters

How much does liposuction cost?

Liposuction starts from £3,768 plus £1,147 for each additional area. Please get in touch to confirm your fee. All patients will require a consultation prior to surgery to assess your individual requirements and desires.


From £3,768

Additional area of liposuction

From £1,147

Vaser liposuction

From £4,613

Additional area of vaser liposuction


Is liposuction safe?

Liposuction is an extremely common cosmetic procedure, and has been proven to be safe and causes minimal side effects.

The best way to minimise the risk of lipo side effects is to use a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon. It’s their experience and skill, as well as cutting-edge equipment, that will ensure you get outstanding results and a lower risk of complications.

What should I expect?

During your liposuction procedure, your surgeon will mark your body in the areas that are being treated. After this you lie down and we administer a local anaesthetic (or sedation if required). Once the anaesthetic takes effect, we make tiny incisions near the marks and inject tumescent fluid to expand the tissue layer. A small hollow tube (cannula) is then used to gently suck the fat away. The procedure is concluded with the incisions being closed and dressed with bandages and a compression garment placed over the top.

How long does liposuction surgery take?

Liposuction normally takes between one to two hours. The exact time will depend on the size and number of areas treated. Typically, each area will take around an hour to treat.

How long is the recovery period after vaser lipo?

You will be able to go home on the same day as your liposuction procedure. We use either local or twilight anaesthetic meaning reduced recovery time and lower associated risks than with general anaesthetic.

You’ll be able to get on with most things you normally do the day after treatment – or as soon as you feel ok. But with liposuction, it’s good to allow yourself around two to three weeks to fully recover. If you can go for a few walks in those early days that will really help with the drainage of fluid, just avoid any strenuous activity for about a month to let your body get back to normal.

The time you’ll need to take off work really depends on the amount of areas you have treated and what work you do. If you work in an office, you should be fine to return around a week after treatment – but you might want to take off 2 weeks to let the swelling go down and for your wounds to stop leaking.

Liposuction recovery

Instructions on discharge
  • On the day of discharge there will be waterproof dressings under the pressure garment.
  • Pressure garment to be worn day and night for 2 weeks but can be removed once a day for a quick shower.
  • TED stockings to be worn for 2 weeks.
  • One compression garment will be provided. You will need another. This can be purchased through the clinic.
  • Discharge with standard painkillers.
  • Drink a lot of fluid to replace the fluid removed during the liposuction.
Dressings Clinic
  • Usually about a week after the surgery to check on the wounds
  • No restrictions but avoid strenuous activities for the first 2 weeks.
Wound Care for First 3 Months
  • Micropore tape to the scars - once well healed - for at least 3 months. The micropore tape is to stay on for showering and baths and simply patted dry and not to be changed until it is very loose and almost falling off by itself. Frequent removal of the micropore tape can irritate the scar.
  • Moisturise the scars after the first 3 months.
  • Moisturise the skin.

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